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Our Story

Momma J’s Treasures is a small home based business that started just before the pandemic hit in 2020.

I started working on diamond paintings while watching football on Sundays with my husband. I can’t just sit and watch TV, it drives me crazy.  :)

Once the pandemic hit I expanded making other items with diamonds, like notebooks, bookmarks, framed paintings.

I tried my hands at making acrylic gifts, like coasters with items in the middle such as bottle caps, screws and nuts, shells and stones.

Still trying to find my niche,I did some knitting of baby blankets, then made bigger knitted blankets with the assistance of knitting needles. I loved working with yarn but my hands would get tired with using the needles, so went into making chunky blankets using just my hands no needles, gave those as gifts and started doing craft shows with all the items I had been making.

After doing a couple of craft shows and not making that much money, I found loop yarn and started playing around with that.

Worked on baby blankets like I always have, then worked my way up to making all sizes even up to king size which measures 107” x 67”. Realizing how much I loved working with looped yard I discovered I could make so much more than blankets. Now that I have expanded my inventory I am doing more shows and have started this website. I love working on all the things you see on this website. It is my “ME” time in the morning and at night. 

I could not have done all of this without the support of my amazing family. My husband and my children are my biggest supporters. Thank you for all you do to support me, Rob, Robbie, Lindsay & Mikey. I love you all!

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